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Your privacy

We understand you may want to maintain your privacy about the health care services you get.

This website is a safe space for you to find abortion information. Your personal information is not saved or tracked. Visit our conditions of use and privacy policy to learn about the limited information we collect to make sure the website works properly.

Your right to privacy in California

California law guarantees the right to privacy to all people in California. This includes the right to:

  • Choose to have an abortion without anyone else’s consent
  • Provide abortion care without facing harassment, threats, or acts of violence
  • Protected personal information for both patients and providers

If you live outside of California

It is important to protect your digital privacy. This can help prevent others from accessing information about your abortion.

If you are under 18

In California, if you are a minor you have the right to consent to an abortion on your own. You do not need permission from your parent, guardian, doctor, or anyone else.

Call the Repro Legal Helpline at 844-868-2812 for advice on legal issues in different states when getting an abortion as a minor. You can also fill out this secure online form.

Informing parents or guardians

Health care providers generally cannot inform your parent, guardian, or anyone else that you received an abortion.

The exception is if the pregnancy involves child abuse, including physical or sexual abuse. In those cases, the provider must report the abuse to the police or to child abuse authorities. These authorities may contact your parent or guardian.

Missing school

In California, your school cannot notify your parent or guardian that you are leaving school to get an abortion if you decide to share the specific medical reason for your absence. The school also cannot require you to get parent or guardian permission first.

Learn more about your rights as a student.

Insurance information

If you are on another person's health plan in California, your abortion information may not be private. Examples would be if you get your health insurance through your parent or spouse.

You can submit a Confidential Communications Request to your insurance provider to:

  • Keep your information private
  • Send all abortion-related communications to a specific address

Submit a request through My Health My Info.

Digital privacy

Here are resources to help you keep your online activity private.