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Find a California abortion provider

To get an abortion in California, you can contact your regular health care provider or search below.

California abortion finder

You do not need to be a California resident to receive abortion services.

Your search will stay private and anonymous.

Search powered by Abortion Finder.

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Outside of California

If you are looking for an abortion provider outside of California, you can use one of our recommended national abortion resources.

Telehealth options

If you live or are staying in California, you may be able to use a telehealth service to get your medication by mail.

Use the California abortion finder on this page to search for clinics that provide telehealth options.

Fake abortion information

Also known as misinformation, fake abortion information is common online.


Search results online may include clinics that do not perform abortions. These “clinics” may provide false, medically inaccurate information online or in person about abortion to convince you not to have an abortion. They are sometimes called crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

Use the California abortion finder to search for trusted providers near you.

And learn more about how to spot CPCs. The California Department of Justice also has guidance on how to spot fake clinics (PDF).

Fake social media accounts

Check any abortion information you find on a social media site.

  • Fake social media accounts may post false or misleading abortion information.
  • Fake accounts may also post links to fake clinics.
  • Your friends or family may give you false information from a fake social media site.

The best way to get accurate abortion information tailored to your pregnancy is to find a trusted provider and talk to them directly.

Report fake information

To report a fake abortion clinic or website, fill out the consumer complaint form on the California Department of Justice website.

You can report fake social media posts or accounts using the social media app.

More trusted abortion resources

Besides the California abortion finder, there are many resources that can help you find the abortion care you need.

Abortion Finder (

FPA Women’s Health

Visit the website for information on in-clinic and telehealth women's health care. Use their search to find a clinic that meets your needs.

I Need an A

Use their search to find clinics near you.

National Abortion Federation

For information about abortion and other resources, including financial help, call 800-772-9100. You can also use their search to find a provider.

Planned Parenthood

Use their search to find clinics near you. You can also get a list of California clinics.