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Your legal right to an abortion

Under California law, anyone in California who is pregnant has a legal right to choose to have an abortion before viability.  A pregnancy becomes viable when a doctor determines that the fetus could live outside the uterus without extreme medical measures.

You can also have an abortion in California at any time to protect your life or health.

In California, you also have the right to privacy if you choose to have an abortion.

The ACLU of Northern California has a summary of abortion rights in California.

If you live outside of California

Travel to California

You do not have to be a California resident to receive abortion care in the state. You can travel to California if you are unable to get the abortion care you need in your state.

If you’re under 18

In California, people of any age have the right to independently consent to their own abortion care.

Your right to abortion services

While providers may refuse to give you abortion services based on their personal beliefs, they do not have the legal right to impose their beliefs on you or prevent you from getting an abortion.

Find an abortion provider in California that meets your needs.

Using insurance

Most private insurance plans in California cover abortion. Under California law, abortion care is basic health care. This means many plans are required to cover abortion care.

Some private insurance plans do not cover abortion. Check with your plan to find out if they do.

All Medi-Cal plans cover abortion, often at no cost to you.

Learn more about how to pay for an abortion, including through Medi-Cal and other financial help.

Legal help

Contact the Repro Legal Helpline for advice about your state and the legal issues you may face.

How California is taking action

California has taken a wide range of actions, including passing new laws, to protect abortion rights and access.