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How to pay for an abortion

You have many options to help cover the cost of an abortion.

Private health insurance

If you live in California, most private insurance covers abortions. All Covered California insurance plans cover abortions and other reproductive health services.

In some cases, health insurance you get from your employer may not cover abortions. Check with the people in charge of your health coverage to find out what services they cover.

Check with your insurance plan to see if you have to:

  • Use certain providers
  • Get prior authorization from your doctor

When you make an appointment, check that the provider accepts your insurance.

Out-of-state health insurance

Check with your plan to see if it will cover out-of-network reproductive health care services such as abortion and travel to California. If they don’t, talk with your California-based provider about their payment options.

You can also get help covering abortion costs.


If you have Medi-Cal, you can get abortion care and other reproductive health services from any Medi-Cal abortion care provider at no cost to you. If you have Medi-Cal with Share of Cost, you may have to pay for part of your abortion care. Ask your provider for more information about Share of Cost responsibilities.

You do not have to get prior authorization from your doctor. If you need an inpatient hospital stay, the hospital will get any approval that’s needed.

Out-of-state Medicaid

If you have Medicaid through another state, your plan may not cover abortions. Check with your state’s plan to see if they cover abortions and out-of-state services. If they are not covered, talk to your provider about payment options.

You can also get help covering abortion costs.

No insurance

If you live in California, there are programs that can help you if you do not have insurance:

If you cannot use insurance, many providers offer free or discounted services or payment plans. Contact your preferred provider so that they can work with you to get you the services you need, regardless of your ability to pay.

Get help covering abortion costs

You can get help to pay for an abortion or cover related costs, like travel and lodging.

These hotlines will help you find out what’s available to you:

You can find lists of abortion funds by state at:

You can also talk with your provider about financial support they offer and organizations they work with.

If you’re having trouble accessing health care services, including abortion services, contact the California Department of Managed Health Care. You can also submit complaints to the California Department of Insurance.